OWS Services

Olympic Web Solutions provides affordable web solutions for small businesses. At Olympic web solutions we believe that every business should have a web presence. We understand how important it is in today's competitive market to have a clean usable web site. We want to make our services more affordable and less restrictive than our competitors so that we can help meet your small or large business needs. Our custom web sites are designed with you in mind, from simple one page information sites to complex e-commerce and data driven sites that require logins and offer administrative functionality.

Plan Features

Basic Business

Standard Business

Advanced Business

Basic Ecommerce

Standard Ecommerce

Advanced Ecommerce

Premium Ecommerce

Business Identity Page yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Social Media Integration yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Google Analytics Reporting yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Contact Us Page no yes yes yes yes yes yes
Image Gallery Page no yes yes yes yes yes yes
Advanced Menu with up to 20 pages no no yes no yes yes yes
Startup $100 $250 $450 $500 $1,000 $5,000 $10,000
Hosting/Maintenence $10/month or
$15/month or
$15/month or
$20/month or
$20/month or
$20/month or
$20/month or
Transaction Fees - - - 5% 2% $1 $.50

Affordable Ecommerce

OWS partners with businesses who have a product we believe in. We invest in your dream by putting your product online at a very low cost to you. Once the word is out and your business starts to grow, you pay transaction fees that keep the cost of your website proportional to the amount you are bringing in. In other words, OWS takes the risk up front: We only succeed if you succeed.

The Right Plan For You

We provide custom websites ranging from simple, low-cost one-page layouts to complex e-commerce and data-driven sites. We can also provide additional administrative functionality, such as inventory management systems with login abilities.

We have developed a pricing structure that works for both small and large businesses: Businesses selling a lower volume of high-margin products pay less up front and more per sale, while businesses with a higher sales volume and lower mark-up will benefit from a reasonable up-front cost with lower fees per transaction.

How Pricing Works

Start-up price: This is a one-time payment for initial design and set-up. If you choose to upgrade your plan, you will be charged only the difference between your earlier start-up price and the price for the higher plan.
Maintenence/Hosting fee: This maintenance fee ranges from $10 to $20 a month, with no minimum monthly contract—you may cancel at any time.
Transaction fees: (e-commerce only) These fees are what allow OWS to offer such affordable start-up prices. Your cost is based on your income from online sales. OWS retains a small portion of each sale as a return on their initial investment in your site.